Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Linda S. Glaz of Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency

Linda S. Glaz is a literary agent with the Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency, serving the Christian and General Markets.

My goal as an agent is to connect authors to those publishers seeking inspirational or clean reads, whether that be in the Christian or general market.

What do I mean when I say I seek “clean reads”? Books that anyone can read without blushing, without cringing, and without having to skip over the parts you wouldn’t want your kids to see. My clients write without graphic sexuality or profanity, yet their stories resonate with readers anxious for the conflict, tension, and characters who live in the pages of their books.

Linda is a generalist, and open to almost all kinds of novels/genres and nonfiction books that can be deemed a “clean read” (no profanity, no graphic sexuality). That said, please note that she does not handle children’s books of any kind nor speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy). Nonfiction pitches to her should be by authors with solid platforms.

About Linda: Well, it’s not a secret. I worked for the most amazing literary agency for the last thirteen years, but after the announcement of its closure in August of 2022, and with the encouragement of my ex-bosses, I made the decision to form the Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency. With a huge GULP and overall peace about the decision, I began to put the pieces into place. It’s beyond exciting when a debut author receives an offer for publication, and I’m always thrilled to be part of that moment. I hope to help launch more careers as I move forward.

And now, I wake up every single morning pinching myself to be sure I really have this amazing career. I love helping authors realize their dreams! I also teach nationally to help writers attain new levels of success in their craft, so watch for me at a conference near you. Or better yet, invite me to share at your conference on an array of topics from Are You Writing What You’re Called to Write? to Deep Deep POV, and more cutting-edge topics to help authors take their work to the next level. I would love it if you considered being part of this journey with me.


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